Why should I register with the STARS RATC website?

This website aims to assist in the day-to-day management of your RATC. When you register with the STARS RATC website you will have access to a standard patient questionnaire that is currently in use by the Manchester Rapid Access Blackouts Clinic.

Using standard questions for patient assessment

The standard RATC patient questionnaire was developed with a view to providing each clinic with a set of universal questions to assist clinical assessment. The value of using a standard questionnaire across the network ensures RATCs are using the same format and means that results from across the participating clinics can be collated and together create a large and clean dataset. The results of this will provide valuable insights into the patient population and effectiveness of the clinics. The questionnaire covers the following areas:

  • Patient Identification
  • Risk Stratification
  • Syncope vs Seizures
  • Syncope Symptom Assessment
  • VT vs Syncope
  • Previous Treatment
  • Oesil (prognostic) Assessment
  • Quality of Life Impact
  • Health Service Module

You can view a screenshot of the questionnaire.

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