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Welcome to the Rapid Access Blackouts/Transient Loss of Consciousness (T-LoC) Clinic (RABC/RATC) website.

This site has been designed to support the set up and management of a triage tool to assist the rapid and accurate diagnosis of patients suffering from unexplained periods of unconsciousness.

Blackouts/T-LoC commonly result from three main types of cause: cardiovascular (e.g. syncope), neurological (e.g. epilepsy) or psychogenic. Reaching an accurate diagnosis for the cause of T-LoC can be a lengthy process which can be delayed if patients are referred to a specialist neurologist or cardiologist without the full spectrum of causes being considered.

A Rapid Access Blackout / T-LoC Clinic can help to ensure swift and accurate diagnosis, and can be cost effective for the healthcare system as patients are not undergoing unnecessary or repeated investigations or hospital admissions before a diagnosis is reached.

Why T-LoC?

It is important to note that clinicians and patients will use an array of terminology to define these periods of unconsciousness. The most commonly used include ‘blackouts’ and ‘transient loss of consciousness’ (T-LoC).

  • T-LoC is a familiar and well used term amongst clinicians although it is worth noting that ‘blackout’ provides a useful blanket term and is also familiar terminology for patients
  • The term T-LoC offers no presupposition about the cause of the episode

A foreword from Adam Fitzpatrick, Consultant Cardiologist and Electro-physiologist