What is a T-LoC Clinic?

The purpose of the Rapid Access T-LoC Clinic (RATC) is to determine whether an episode of unconsciousness has been caused by cardiac, neurological, psychological or other reasons.

Why a ‘T-LoC’ Clinic?

If the clinic were known as the ‘syncope clinic’ or ‘arrhythmia clinic’, we would be making an assumption that the cause of the blackout/fall was cardiovascular in nature and this may not be the case.

Clinic Models

In this section you will find examples of working structures of T-LoC clinics which should provide you with an idea of the basic models that a T-LoC clinic can follow.

Once you have set up a clinic you can register on this site to gain access to several features that will assist you in the day-to-day running of your clinic.

Why should I register?